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OPEN WIDE tells the story of a father and a son fighting to upend the world of orthodontics. In their mind, the world’s faces have become severely deformed and must be restored to their beautiful ancestral proportions. John Mew has waged a lonely war against the industry — and that teenage rite of passage, braces, for decades. With his son Mike now taking up the fight, the Mews’ fringe theories have turned into a full-blown online sensation. But even while mewing goes viral on TikTok and the Mews churn out content for their millions of followers, Mike is pursued by the British Orthodontic Society and threatened with expulsion by the very people who took away his father’s license. Now Mike faces his own imminent General Dental Council trial, and the verdict could determine whether orthotropics lives or dies.

Directed by Sara Goldblatt
Produced by Darren Foster, Cristina Costantini, Sara Goldblatt, Ben Cotner, Lucy Draper, and Nicole Quintero Ochoa
Executive Produced by Adriana Banta and Emily Osborne